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Secret Cinema Club to present Horror Bonanza and Great Adventures for Halloween

This October, Secret Cinema Club, which programs 35mm screenings at the Vista Theatre in Hollywood, will be offering a slate of horror and fantasy films under the banner, “Horror Bonanza and Great Adventures.”

Horror titles, which screen at midnight, include Dario Argento’s Suspiria (1977, pictured at top), Poltergeist (1982), The Invisible Man (1933), The Wolf Man (1941), The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Dracula (1931, both the English and Spanish-language versions), and David Lynch’s Eraserhead (1977).

Fantasy-Adventure titles, which screen in the mornings, include two anime films from Studio Gibli, Princess Mononke and Kiki’s Deliver Service.


  • Sat, Oct 6, 2018 10am: PRINCESS MONONOKE (1997, dir by Hayao Miyazaki, 35mm, 2hr15mns) [Japanese with English subtitles]
  • Sat, Oct 6, 2018 11:59p: ERASERHEAD (1977, dir by David Lynch, 35mm, 1hr 49mns)
  • Sat, Oct 13, 2018 10:30am: KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE (1989, dir by Hayao Miyazaki, 35mm, 1hr43mns) [English Dubbed Version]
  • Sat, Oct 13, 2018 11:59p: HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE: DRACULA (1931, dir Todd Browning) & SPANISH LANGUAGE DRACULA (1931, dir by George Melford) [total run time: 2 hrs 55mns including a 10 minute intermission]
  • Fri, Oct 19, 2018 11:59p: THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991, dir by Jonathan Demme, 35mm, 2hrs 18mns)
  • Sat, Oct 20, 2018 10am: THE INVISIBLE MAN (1933, dir by James Whale) & THE WOLF MAN (1941, dir by George Waggner) [Both on 35mm prints, total run time: 2hrs 30mns including a 10 minute intermission]
  • Sat, Oct 20, 2018 11:59p: POLTERGEIST (1982, dir by Tobe Hooper, 35mm, 2hrs)
  • Fri, Oct 26, 2018 11:59p: SUSPIRIA (1977, dir by Dario Argento, 35mm, 1hr 40mns)
  • Sat, Oct 27, 2018 11:59p: a reprise of SUSPIRIA (1977, dir by Dario Argento, 35mm, 1hr 40mns)

The schedule has not been finalized. There is still an open slot for a Halloween Night screening, to be announced later.

Single ticket prices range from $11 (for advance sales) to $32.76 (includes a special poster created for each event).

A “Horror Bonanza Pass” ($63) includes admission to all eight films scheduled in October (plus the possible additional screening on October 31).

A “Great Adventures Matinees” ticket (cost: $81) grants access to the two adventure films, plus subsequent matinees that will screen November through January, including E.T., Jason and the Argonauts, The Iron Giant, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

A “Secret Movie Club 2018 Fall Season All-Access Pass” ($175) grants access to all films on the October schedule, plus subsequent screenings through January, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Children of Men (2006), Gremlins and Gremlins 2, and It’s a Wonderful Life (1946).

All films will screen at the Vista Theatre, 4473 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90027. Call (323) 660-6639 for program information, or visit their website. The Secret Movie Club’s Facebook page is here.

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

A graduate of USC film school, Steve Biodrowski has worked as a film critic, journalist, and editor at Movieline, Premiere, Le Cinephage, The Dark Side., Cinefantastique magazine, Fandom.com, and Cinescape Online. He is currently Managing Editor of Cinefantastique Online and owner-operator of Hollywood Gothique.