Seventh Moon - Los Angeles Premiere, with Guests

As part of their 9th Annual Festival of Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction, the American Cinematheque presents the Los Angeles premiere of this 2008 supernatural thriller from Eduardo Sanchez, the co-director of BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Sanchez is scheduled to appear after the screening to discuss the film, along with members of the cast and crew.

From the official website:

Director Eduardo Sanchez (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT) helms his latest unnerving chiller. Melissa and Yul (Amy Smart and Tim Chiou), Americans honeymooning in China, happen upon the exotic “Hungry Ghost” festival that honors spirits in the market of a small town. But as night falls, they find themselves abandoned by their driver in a remote village, and soon realize the legends are all too real. Plunged into an ancient custom they cannot comprehend, the couple must find a way to survive the night of the Seventh Moon. “The other highlight is the creature design. Simple and uncomplicated…From a distance they echo the monsters of THE DESCENT or perhaps the Morlocks of H.G. Wells’ TIME MACHINE — Fearsome, formidable and ultimately terrifying despite their relative familiarity — hats off to the FX crew at Spectral Motion for demonstrating that even pasty Asian ghosts can get a startling upgrade given the right light.” – Discussion following with director Eduardo Sanchez and cast and crew members (TBD).

Location: Egyptian Theatre - 6712 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood
Link out: Click here
Date: Sunday, August 30 at 7:30pm