Shanks at Silent Movie Theatre

Location: Silent Movie Theatre, 611 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
Date: October 30 at 8pm
Description: As part of a series of "Staff Picks," the Cinefamily presents producer-director William Castle's obscure 1974 thriller, starring mime Marcel Marceau. This selection coms courtesy of the theatre's silent film accompanist, Cliff Retallick, who explains his choice thus:

“Devoid of Tingler-era theatrics altogether, Shanks relies on the pairing of Marcel Marceau, the most brilliant mime of the 20th century, with a twisted fairytale that hinges on an innocent, mute puppeteer's relationship with an old scientist and subsequent penchant for re-animation when the old scientist dies. Here Marceau plays a dual role, and performs some extraordinary feats of movement that, oddly, disturb more than the plot points of the macabre storyline. In many ways, Shanks celebrates silent film technique in a latter-day setting as much as a Tati piece -- and Marceau always treats the subject matter seriously, no matter how absurd. Who knew that horror and mime were such a strange and potent cocktail?”

On a double bill with SHOUT (1991), starring John Travolta.

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