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Shin Gojira trailer

Toho’s new film of their most famous mon-star resurrects Godzilla in a new, more hideous form, bringing the beast up to date for modern audiences. Rando Yaguchi¬†and Kayoko Ann Patterson star. Hideako Anno (Evangelion) wrote, directed, and edited. Shinji Higuchi handled the visual effects and co-directed. (Yaguchi, Patterson, and Higuch are¬†alumni from the live-action feature film adaptations of the gruesome anime series Attack on Titan.)

Funimation Films opens the movie on select screens around the country for a one-week run from October 11 through 18. Engagements in the Los Angeles area include Laemmle’s NoHo7 in North Hollywood, the Royal in Santa Monica, The Regal Live in Los Angeles, Playhouse 7 Cinemas in Pasadena, the Renaissance Stadium 14 in Alhambra, and Valencia Grand Palace Stadium 12 in Santa Clarita. Find the complete list of theatrical engagements at Funimation’s webpage for the film.

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