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Sinister Pointe encores Fear the Darkness

Sinister Pointe has announced an encore evening of its 2015 Halloween haunt, Fear the Darkness, on Friday, November 13, from 6pm to 11pm. Tickets are on sale now; price is $20. Tickets are sold in half-hour time slots. There can be a total of four guests, but only one pair of tickets may be purchased online for each slot; the other two guests must purchase theirs at the door. Guests encounter fear in complete darkness, guided only by a friend in a control booth, equipped with infrared camera.

Sinister Pointe 2015 possessionDuring the Halloween Season, Fear the Darkness allowed guests to select from four different fears; the encore evening will offer only Possession.

The event takes place at Sinister Pointe’s Curiosities: 797 W. Imperial Highway, Brea, 92821. Phone 1-714-927-DEAD for more information, or click here..

Note: This is a new address for Sinister Pointe. Besides hosting events, Sinister Pointe Curiosities offers “Rarities, Oddities, and Randomosities.” Hours are noon to 8pm Thursday through Sundays. The official website is here.

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