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Star Wars TV series

Who knew that “going nowhere” could provide 100 episodes worth of entertainment?

Well, according to a report at the BBC, George Lucas and producer Rick McCallum are putting together a television series based on the early life of Luke Skywalker (i.e., the twenty years that elapse between REVENGE OF THE SITH and the A NEW HOPE). The show is supposed to be ready to go in 2008, and McCallum claims it will run for one hundred episodes.

McCallum also says that the tone will be “much more dramatic and darker.”

However, this raises an interesting question about Luke Skywalker’s early life. Remember how Luke , in the very first STAR WARS film, wanted nothing more than to leave his boring backwater planet so he could find some real adventure? (“Looks like I’m going nowhere,” he complains to his aunt.) If that were truly the case, how can there be enough dark and dramatic material to fill up 100 episodes?