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Steve Allen Theatres revs up Masters of Horror Drive In Series for April

Starting in April, the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood will present a “Masters of Horror Drive-In” series every Friday night at 8:00pm. A sort of follow-up to last year’s drive-in series (“Humans are Such Easy Prey“), the on-going fest will showcase double bills from filmmakers who worked on episodes on the namesake Showtime, each of whom will appear for a question-and answer session in between his episode and one of his feature films. Things start off on April third with director Joe Dante and THE HOWLING. Subsequent films include RIDING THE BULLET, ARMY OF DARKNESS, and THE CHANGELING.

Location: Steve Allen Theater at Center for Inquiry – West, 4773 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90027
Website: www.steveallentheater.com
Tickets: Prices are $8 per person or $30 to reserve a parking space for you car.
Dates: Every Friday night  at 8:00pm.


  • THE HOWLING with Joe Dante – April 3
  • RIDING THE BULLET with Mich Garris – April 10
  • ARMY OF DARKNESS with Greg Nicotero – April 17
  • THE CHANGELING with Peter Medak – April 24
  • FRIGHT NIGHT with Tom Holland – May 1
  • IT’S ALIVE with Larry Cohen – May 8
  • TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON NIGHT with Ernest R. Dickerson – May 15
  • THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE with Tobe Hooper – May 22
  • PHANTASM 2 with Don Cocarelli – May 29
  • KING OF THE ANTS with Stuart Gordon – June 5

NOTE: This article has been modified to correct an error. The original text suggested that episodes of the MASTERS OF HORROR series would not be screened.