Streamline Superheroes: Art Deco in Comics and Film; plus Flash Gordon: Rocketship

Location: Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028

Link out: Click here

Date: November 11 at 2pm

Description: The American Cinematheque and the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles present an hour-long lecture on the influence of the Art Deco style on comics and film. In “Streamline Superheroes: Art Deco in Comics and Film,” Anne Marie Kelly discusses the superhero’s origins and the legacy of Art Deco design in film, answering such questions as: "Who designed Flash Gordon’s spaceship? Why does Superman wear a cape? What's the connection between Gotham City and Fritz Lang's Metropolis?"

The lecture will be followed by a screening of FLASH GORDON: ROCKETSHIP, a 72-minute feature film condensation of the 4-hour serial from 1936. Flash (Buster Crabbe), Dale Arden (Jean Rogers) and Dr. Zarkov (Frank Shannon) battle Ming the Merciless (Charles Middleton) while Flash resists the overtures of Ming's daughter, Princess Aura (Priscilla Lawson).

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