Super-Secret Long-Lost 35mm Horror Film

Halloween graveyard art
This is not artwork from the unnamed horror film, nor is it in any way a hint about the film's title.

Location: The Silent Movie Theater, 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Link out: Click here

Description: The Cinefamily presents a screening of an unnamed classic horror film that has allegedly been unavailable in theatres for several years because no 35mm prints were available. Before you get your hopes up for such lost films as LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT (1927), the Cinefamily's announcement of the screening tells us that this is a film we all "take for granted," so presumably it has been available on television and/or home video.

Apparently, a motion-picture archive has discovered a 35mm print in a recently-donated collection, and now is your chance to see the film on the big screen - if you are a Cinefamily member. The late-night screening is members-only, and the title of the film will be revealed just before the show starts.

Date: 2012 - Monday, August 27 at 10:30pm

Tickets: free, but admission is for Cinefamily members only, plus one guest each.