SURGIKILL - Q&A, food and drink!

Location: The Art Theatre of Long Beach, 2025 East Fourth Street, Long Beach, CA
Date: February 17 at 9pm
Link out: Click here
Description: Andy Milligan is one of the more obscure cult figures in this history of bad movies, with titles on his resume such as THE RATS ARE COMING, THE WEREOLVES ARE HERE. The venerable Art Theatre of Long Beach screens Milligan's last movie, as part of a DVD release party, with special guests.

From the website:

Surgikill is a campy film about a masked killer that is killing off doctors, nurses, and patients at a poorly run Los Angeles hospital that is scheduled to be closed. Surgikill was sexploitation icon Andy Milligan's last film before he succumbed to AIDS in 1991 at the young age of 62. This DVD release party with live Q&A w/Actress Bouvier and Writer Sherman Hirsh and plenty of complimentary food and drink.