(Belated) Halloween Haunt Awards 2015: Winners

What were the best Halloween attractions in Los Angeles 2015? Find out below... Editor's Note: As noted here, while prepping this

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Boney Island

The annual Halloween attraction - a whimsical skeleton magic show - returns with its Enchanted Garden and Magical Cauldrons! This is

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2014 Halloween Haunt Awards: Winners

It's great to be nominated, but who won?

At last, the time has come to announce the winners of the 2014 Halloween Haunt Awards. Since the nominations have already been posted, along with explanations for their inclusion, there should be little need for preamble here. Instead, let us move swiftly to the task of identifying this year's Best Halloween Attractions in Los Angeles.

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Halloween 2014: Last-Minute Recommendations - Home Haunts

The third installment of our Last-Minute Halloween Recommendations looks at home haunts. Sadly, some of our favorites will not be

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Boney Island 2014

Location: 4602 Morse Avenue, Sherman Oaks, CA 91432

Description: The Boney Island yard haunt opens for another season of spooky fun for the whole family. Dates for Halloween 2014 are October 18-19, 22-31. Hours are 6-9pm Sunday through Thursday; 6-10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

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