From the Crypt: The Perennial Appeal of Playboy Bunny Costumes

Can anyone explain to me why people keep clicking on this old post featuring images of Playboy Bunny costumes? It's in the top ten posts year-round, and it really draws traffic when Halloween starts to loom on this distant horizon. Why?

I really have no idea what the appeal is. Are there that many women in Los Angeles who want to buy Playboy bunny costumes for Halloween? It just doesn't seem likely, especially this early in September.

As Geoffrey Rush said in Shakespeare in Love: "It's a mystery."

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Top 10 Playboy Bunny Costumes - and Then Some

The Halloween season is rapidly approaching, and people are planning what to wear when October 31 rolls around. For some reason (as if I can't imagine), many visitors (or should that read "many men"?) are finding their way to Hollywood Gothique through Internet searches for "Playboy Costumes." Normally, we like to keep our Halloween traditional (witches, vampires, bats, and all that), but bowing to the old adage that advises you to give costumers what they want, we present our list of Top Ten Playboy Bunny Costumes. I know, I know - how many variations can there be on the old Bunny-waitress outfit? Quite a few, it turns out, as you will see by perusing the costumes listed below the fold...

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13 More Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

Sex sells, so it should be no surprise that last year’s post “Good Girls Gone Bad: 13 Sexy Costumes for Women” is one of the most popular ever on this website, and yet I am surprised at what a perennial it is. Part of the point (made in a New York Times article the post referenced) was that women enjoy the annual opportunity to step outside their normal persona and indulge their inner vixen without fear of societal disapproval, because the Halloween season grants a certain carte blanche. Why, then, does this particular post draw viewers year-round? I suspect it’s men fantasizing about what they can get their girlfriends to wear next October, or boys fantasizing about having girlfriends, but whatever the case, with interest in Halloween steadily growing (even though it’s only summer), we have decided to take pity on all those desperately hopeful young men by offering up another collection of 13 Sexy Costumes for Women.

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