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Articles about the Forest of Mirrors, a former home haunt in Woodland Hills.

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Halloween 2014: One-Night-Only Events on October 31

Since Halloween has turned into a season – and a rather lengthy season at that, running nearly two months –

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2012 Halloween Haunt Awards

Cue the scary organ music, for it is time to announce Hollywood Gothique’s annual Halloween Haunt Awards, recognizing the finest

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2012 Halloween Recommendations: Best Los Angeles Yard Haunts

Looking for last-minute, inexpensive ways to enjoy Halloween in Los Angeles? Look no further, as Hollywood Gothique presents its must-see

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Forest of Mirrors 2012: Halloween Yard Haunt

The miraculous mirrored attraction opens its gates in Woodland Hills once more, on October 31, 2012, from 6:00pm to midnight. The Forest of Mirrors features a cemetery that seems endlessly extended thanks to a clever illusion: the forking pathways lead to arches, but the arches actually contain mirrors carefully placed so that you do not see your own reflection until you are almost ready to step through the looking glass.

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Haunt Odyssey

Halloween Odyssey 2009: Forest of Mirrors

We are back for another installment of our annual Halloween Haunt Odyssey. This is an article in which we round up all the haunted attractions and Halloween events in Los Angeles that we visit on the night of October 31; predominantly, these tend to be Halloween yard haunts, because many of those tend to be open only on Halloween night. This year’s odyssey was small in number but large in quantity, because we toured haunted houses in widely separated geographical areas: the Forest of Mirrors and the Reign of Terror in the West Valley; the House of Restless Spirits and the Eternal Rest Cemetery not far from the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice.

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Halloween Reminders: Amateur Yard Haunts & Community Haunts!

It’s the last week of Halloween. Afrid of the lines and ticket prices at the theme park attractions? Then check out the numerous yard haunts and community haunts in operation this week. The home haunts are decorated houses, free of charge, that sometimes include walk-through mazes; the community haunts, which tend to charge a nominal fee, are put on by schools, churches, and community centers in order to provide a safe and fun Halloween experience for local families. Despite their amateur status, many of these attractions are among the most amazing Halloween events in Los Angeles, making them a great way to wrap up the October season for little or no expense.

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