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Reign of Terror Review: Quarantine

After years of praising its atmospheric terrors, Hollywood Gothique is running out of words to extol the virtues of the Reign of Terror Haunted House. You really need to drive out to Thousand Oaks to savor its supernatural chills for yourself. For those late to the party, here’s the nickle version: the sets are beautiful and convincing; the scares are frequent and intense; and the lengthy walk-through features several distinct sections, each with its own theme and tone – as if you were traversing half a dozen haunts crammed into one.

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Halloween 2013: Recommendations for October 30-31

How will you spend Halloween Night in Los Angeles? Shivering at a horror movie screening? Or screaming in a horrifying Haunted Village? Hollywood Gothique assembles a list of your best bets for the final two days of October. Read on…if you dare!

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Boney Island 2013 review & video

Last night, Hollywood Gothique kicked off its its annual Halloween Haund Odyssey with a sojourn to the Boney Island Yard Haunt, where we not only enjoyed the familiar gags from the past few years but also discovered several amazing innovations that make the venerable attraction worth revisiting, even if you have seen it many times before.

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