2012 Halloween Stage Review: Wicked Lit

Wicked Lit continues with performances on November 8-10. This October's incarnation of the Halloween Theatre Festival retains the spooky strengths manifested in previous years while adding a few new ingredients to the witch's brew. Once again, a trio of terrifying one-act plays is presented within the Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery. This season, there is a bit more playful interactivity with the “Story Guides,” who keep the audience on the right track and then play (sometimes unexpected) roles in the dramas themselves. Wicked Lit also serves up brief mini-performances (poetry readings and storytelling) between the main courses, creating the theatrical equivalent of an elaborate French meal, with multiple entrees separated by appetizing hors d'oeuvre.

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Wicked Lit 2012 Halloween Plays

The Wicked Lit Halloween Theatre Festival returns for 2012, with three new morbid melodramas, all staged on the grounds of - and within - an actual mausoleum: WAKE NOT THE DEAD by Johann Ludwig Tieck’s vampire story; THE DEAD SMILE by F. Marion Crawford; COUNT MAGNUS by M.R. James. Audiences should not be adverse to a little exercise: these are "walking productions" staged at night in the cemetery. Expect to be scared silly.

Location: Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery, 2300 Marengo Ave, Altadena, CA 91001

Dates & Hours: October 12-14, 18-21, 25-28, 31, starting promptly at 7:30pm

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Beat Post-Halloween Blues with Wicked Lit's Immersive Theatrical Horror Shows - at Discount Prices!

So, you're Halloween high has ended, and you feel your morose soul descending into the abyss of withdrawal. The zombies have returned to their graves. The vampyres have fled to where the ghouls and Afrits rave. The restless spirits have shuttered up their haunted house. The cannibal crazies have disappeared into the maze of the backwoods. The delusions have disappeared, and the ghosts ships have all set sail. What is left? What is left?

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Wicked Lit 2011: Production A Review

Dates: October 21 through November 5
Location: Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery, 2300 N. Marengo Avenue, Altadena, California
Wicked Lit’s innovative productions – based on the works of Poe, Lovecraft, Dickens, etc – fully immerse the audience in different times and locations, creating a unique brand of shuddery entertainment, quite distinct from other Halloween events in Los Angeles.

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