Halloween 2013: Must-See Pro Haunts in Los Angeles

What are 2013's best professional Halloween attractions? Which should have you rushing into danger like Ulysses answering the Siren's call?

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Halloween 2013: The Season So Far

Hollywood Gothique surveys the launch of this year's haunting festivities: what's late, what's great, and what's worth the wait. Come along with us...if you dare!

So far, Halloween 2013 is off to a slow start. In fact, it is only a slight exaggeration to state that this year's Halloween events staggered out of the starting gate with all the speed of zombies shuffling through a cemetery. Fortunately, there is a crimson lining to this black cloud: the Halloween events that we have perused are worth their weight in blood and bone. Read on to find out what we have enjoyed so far, and what we eagerly anticipate...

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2012 Halloween Mini-Reviews: Old Town Haunt, Fright Fair & Wicked Lit

Once again, Hollywood Gothique finds itself transgressing the borders of its native soil in pursuit of Halloween events of northern climes of California (in this case, the Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights), leaving us without adequate time to fully review all the great Halloween attractions in Los Angeles. Allow us to rectify this error with a trio of mini-reviews, focusing on Old Town Haunt, FrightFair, and Wicked Lit - each of which made it onto our lists of 2012 Halloween Recommendations.

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2012 Halloween Recommendations: The Best Haunted House Events in Los Angeles

Wondering what will be the best Halloween haunted house events in Los Angeles this year? Which should you eagerly anticipate like Dr. Markway swooning over Hill House in 1963’s THE HAUNTING? Which should you avoid like the Lutz family considering a return to Amityville? Hollywood Gothique acts as your real estate agent, taking you on a virtual tour of all the hot haunted properties that should be on your 2012 must-see list.

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Old Town Haunt 2012

Pasadena's darkest lair of Halloween horror returns for another season of subterranean shivers - promising to be longer and scarier than ever, with new added attractions. Housed in an underground location, the Old Town Haunt Halloween Attraction offers claustrophobic thrills galore - and gore - in a dank atmosphere that truly impresses. This is one of the best ways to enjoy Halloween in Los Angeles, so mark your calendars!

Location: 20 N. Raymond Avenue, Old Town Pasadena, CA 91103

Dates: October 5-6, 12-13, 18-21, 25-28, 30-31

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Last-Minute Halloween Suggestions for October 31, 2011

We know you're out there, you prevaricators and procrastinators, wasting the precious days of October until Halloween Night rolls around,

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2010 Must-See Halloween Haunts

It's the final weekend; time is running out! You have paused and prevaricated, allowing the October days to slip through your fingers, and now you are in a last-minute flurry, trying to see as much as you can before midnight of November 1 arrives, bringing Halloween to a conclusion. In this limited two-day window of Saturday and Sunday, what are the absolutely essentail Halloween haunts that you must see in 2010? Read on to find out...

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Old Pasadena Halloween Celebration 2010

Location: Central Park & One Colorado Courtyard in Old Town Pasadena, CA
Dates: October 30-31, starting at 1:00pm
Description: Old Town Pasadena offers a weekend of free haunted Halloween happenings for the entire family! Spooky activities include a pumpkin hunt, kids Halloween craft center, costumed characters, Halloween moon bounces, live ghoulish music, scary animal and bug show-and-tell, kid-friendly haunted house, store-to-store trick-or-treating and much more! Read more from the press release below the fold.

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