Urban Death Haunted Theatre Review

What is terror? The rustle of a curtain when there is no wind. A whisper in your ear when no one is near. A glimpse of something too horrible to comprehend, too brief to be certain, followed by darkness - a darkness inhabited by formless shadows that you hope exist only in your imagination.

You will experience very little genuine terror at the many Halloween haunts in Los Angeles, but you will find it lurking within Urban Death: Tour of Terror. Yes, there are a multitude of Halloween Haunted Houses and Hayrides that will startle, shock, or disgust you; a few may even abuse you (consensually, of course). But few if any will send a skeletal finger tracing a ticklish path down your spine, raising the hairs one by one. Shivers, more than screams, await you in the darkness of this haunted theatre production, which provides a truly distinctive Halloween horror experience.

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