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Terror In Train Town 2019 Review & Photos

We ventured deep into Riverside County to tour Terror In Train Town in Perris. Produced by the Bloodshed Brothers (formerly of Lake Elsinore Storm Stadium’s Field of Screams), this Halloween haunt includes two attractions, The Hyde Street Haunted House and The Darkness.

Terror In Train Town 2019 Review: The Darkness
Terror in Train Town 2019 Darkness
A total blackout maze

The Darkness – Just as the title sounds, this is a dark maze, where you have to feel your way out. There is virtually no light, so you must rely on your sense of touch to know where you’re going. Because it’s so quiet, any sudden sound effect or jump scare might just scare the daylights out of you anyway.

Terror In Train Town 2019 Review: Hyde Street Haunted House

Terror in Train Town Hyde Street Haunted House

The Hyde Street Haunted House – Otis Hatching is a Halloween fanatic. He loves Halloween. However, he also loves killing. We toured the home of this “hardcore Halloween fan”; you can take that phrase literally.

The facade is decked out colorfully with remnants of old Halloween – friendly looking enough for parents to let their kids go freely to trick-or-treat. To gain access to the maze, you have to ring the door bell. The interior literally feels like the home of a Halloween super-fan. Everything inside puts you into a nostalgic state; it felt like a classic Halloween house. You walk through each room encountering not so welcoming members of the Hatching family, including a woman who shouts: “Otis is ready for you.”

You can clearly hear music throughout the “house,” which helped simulate a real house.  When things get darker, the music changes into something more sinister – a sadistic music box melody as you walk through what looked like a shed or barn, then through a swamp with something mysteriously lurking. In a garden area, the music transitions into something even more sinister to indicate that it is time to panic. That soundtrack remains up until the last second when you encounter the infamous Otis Hatching (or at least we assumed since he was the only scare actor in the final room).

Terror In Train Town 2019 Review: Conclusion

The Darkness is probably great for the beginner haunt goer that seeks to step up their bravery level, but we felt that it could have featured more jump scares and effects. As long as you save Hyde Street Haunted House for last, your margin for for disappointment is low to zero. Their marquee maze simply puts a smile on our faces when we think about it. The walk between the two attractions feature ominous music, fog, skulls, and Jack-O-Lantern displays. As we approached, a grown-up version of Sam from Trick ‘R Treat and a clown kept us company and posed for photo-op.

At Terror In Train Town, an affordable $15 admission (a typical cost for a single independently run maze) gets you two mazes and a great scare zone. At that price point, who’s complaining?

Terror In Train Town 2019 Ratings
  • 100%
    Hyde Street Haunted House - 100%
  • 95%
    Ambience/Scare Zone - 95%
  • 75%
    The Darkness - 75%

Bottom Line

Though a considerable distance from Los Angeles, Terror In Train Town is worthwhile if paired up with Haunted Tom’s Farms or Sinister Valley Haunt, also in the same area.

Terror In Train Town continues at the Southern California Railway Museum on October 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, and 26, 6-10pm.The address is 2201 S A Street, Perris, CA 92570. For more info, visit: oerm.org/terror.

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