The Afflicted at NoHo Arts Center

Location: The NoHo Arts Center, 11136 Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Website: Click here

Description: The 68 Cent Crew - the company behind the Theatre 68 Haunted House - is at a new venue, the NoHo Arts Center, where instead of their annual walk-through haunt, they will produce a revised version of Leif E. Gantvoort's clever 2006 play. formerly known as "They're Not Zombies" features characters named after the actors who appeared in the original "Night of the Living Dead," who struggle with the fact that the walking dead do not conform to the expected rules of the genre (perhaps because, as the title suggests, they're not zombies).

The production runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, from October 18 through November 16. There will be a special Halloween night performance at 10pm.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

Check out the press release:

(Los Angeles, CA) (March, 2012)... Ronnie Marmo is proud to present the first production as the resident theatre company at NO HO ARTS CENTER, the World Premiere of Leif Gantvoort's “The Afflicted”, directed by Danny Cistone, opening at The NoHo Arts Center beginning October 18th, 2013.

About The Show

After the city erupts in an outbreak of mass murder, a few survivors find shelter in an isolated dilapidated church. The government claims that the spreading chaos is the result of a biological terrorist attack, but the people in the church have theories of their own. Some believe that it's stem cell research gone mad. Some believe it's the wrath of God...and some are convinced that it's a surprise ground attack by another country as an act of war. In fact, the only thing that these people seem to agree on is that whatever afflicts their funny walking attackers isn't really important. The really important to survive, even if that means using fighting techniques learned from horror movies and music videos.

Production Team
Playwright – Leif Gantvoort
Directed by – Danny Cistone
Produced by – Ronnie Marmo
Set and Sound Design – Danny Cistone
Lighting - Matt Richter

Heading up the cast is Jeremy Luke who has just burst on the scene as Joseph Gordon Levit’s best friend in the critically acclaimed new film “Don Jon.”

Joining him is Leif Gantvoort who is best known as Uncle Ben’s Killer in “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

(Rest of the Cast)
Perry Smith, Ariel Hart, Dan Hutchison, Ed Cosico, Shelly Hacco, Eddie Alfano, Nadeen Currie, Femi Longe, Lincoln Castellanos, Tanya Wilkins, Tommy Kijas, Chris Kelly, Bradley Estrin.

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