The Birds & Marnie

Tippi-Hedren-in-The-Birds-001Title: The Birds & Marnie
Location: Aero Theatre, 1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA
Date: Septmeber 19 at 7:30pm
Link out: Click here

Double Feature:

THE BIRDS, 1963, Universal, 119 min. Director Alfred Hitchcock’s fascination with northern California climaxed with this primal, harrowing shocker about the residents of picturesque coastal town Bodega Bay, who find themselves targeted by a murderous invasion of birds. The phone booth scene ranks as one of horror film’s finest moments. Tippi Hedren’s film debut is a brave one as Hithcock had the young actress pelted with live birds! Also with Rod Taylor.

MARNIE, 1964, Universal, 130 min. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. Wealthy Mark Rutland's (Sean Connery) erotic obsession with thief Marnie (Tippi Hedren) gradually evolves into full-fledged but excessively manipulative love as he tries to "help" her overcome a past trauma. Discussion between films with Tippi Hedren.