2012 Halloween Horror Screenings: The Cat and the Canary (1927)

Location: Walt Disney Concert Hall, 111 South Grand Avenue Los The Cat and the Canary (1927) Poster horizontalAngeles, CA 90012 (323) 850-2000

Description: It has become an annual October tradition: the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles screens a silent horror movie with live musical accompaniment on Halloween night. For 2012, the film is the 1927 black-and-white silent production of THE CAT AND THE CANARY - a spooky comedy of the "old dark house" variety, in which people gather together for the reading of the will, only to hear strange things going bump in the night. Clark Wilson will provide the "soundtrack" on the concert hall's house organ. The event's official website encourages you to come for "sonic thrills and visual thrills."

To be honest, THE CAT AND THE CANARY gets off to a great start, but the haunt hijinx peter out quickly. The opening seuqence features an early example of subjective-style camera work, prowling through the old house with nothing but a flashlight to illuminate the way. After that, the film settles into a relatively conventional style. Still, this is an interesting museum piece; seeing it with live music could be quite a treat.

Date: Halloween night 2012 at 8pm

Link out: Click here

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