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The Empty Grave 2012 Video

The Empty Grave opens today, getting a jump on the competition for Halloween 2013. Hollywood Gothique probably will not be able to make it out this weekend, but we do have a video containing highlights from last October’s incarnation of the haunt. But please beware: The Empty Grave’s owner Mike Talarico promises a revamped haunt for 2013, so this video may not prepare you for all the horrors you will experience this year.

When The Empty Grave made its debut in 2009, its vast space was almost literally empty – using fog and lighting effects to convey a sense of being lost in limbo. By 2012, the haunt had added additional sets and special effects to create something closer to a traditional maze-like feel, though still affording glimpses of fog-shrouded vistas. We expect the evolution will continue in this direction, filling the void with additional props and settings.

The Empty Grave is located at 321 W Katella Ave #193 Anaheim, CA 92802.