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The Fleshyard 2019 Review

For Halloween 2019, The Fleshyard is back at the Pumpkin Patch where it was located prior to joining Horror World in the Puente Hills Mall last season. Completing a three-part story surrounding the mysteries of the famous Kearny Family, the story picks up where it left off last year with Alvina Kearny, who becomes known as “The Pink Lady”.

The haunt is conveniently located right off the 91 FWY at the corner Pumpkin Patch. Of course, you are free to purchase a pumpkin on the way out. While in line, we were amused watching the victims ahead of us.  Different scare actors would cut in front of random attendees in line to get a reaction; most of the time they were successful. Other times, they cracked jokes and then scolded and chased each other. This upped the entertainment value while we waited for our turn to walk through the maze.  What really made us feel warm and fuzzy inside was being greeted by one of our favorite Fleshyard scare actors: Mr. Giggles, who we’ve dealt with multiple times during other Fleshyard events. Mr. Giggles brought a comedic energy to the line so that the experience did not become dull.

The Fleshyard 2019 Halloween Review: Maze

The Fleshyard Halloween 2019 ReviewStray, the hired gunslinger, gets us into a garden area to give us the heads up on what’s happening. With some custom-tailored interaction with the audience, it was clear to see that there was a lot of improv on the scare actor’s part. He informs us that he’s a hired gun from Texas, who has been hired here to kill a girl by the name of Alvina who is about “yay” high. Moments later, he gets interrupted by none other than “The Pink Lady” herself. Hurriedly, he then urges us to get out of town, leaving us on our own to explore The Kearny Family Farm (or what’s left of it) and The Yorba Linda Cemetery.

The maze, filled with rotting flesh and death provides everything the haunt name indicates. Along certain corridors, things are extremely quiet, leaving you wondering what is waiting for you around the next turn. The buildings, seemingly abandoned, make you wonder what lifeforms are inhabiting this place. Scare actors that you pass and forget may later find you when you least expect. Such is the case of one Tobias Harris, your friendly neighbor and good Samaritan, who vows to burn the place down and along with it all the evil that roams. As you wander around, you may realize that some of these corridors look eerily familiar except with a predominantly new cast.

After passing the halfway point, we realized that the maze is for the most part a reversal of last season’s; however, that did not mean that we were able to predict the ending. The real scare effect here was the realization that, no matter where we run to to escape The Fleshyard haunt, we always end up at the same place, where all hell broke loose the last time around. And just when we thought we got through scot-free…something came at us in the final room.

The Fleshyard 2019 Halloween Review: Conclusion

As attendees of previous years of the Kearny Family storyline, it was exciting to see what happened to them and poor little Alvina Kearny. What we did notice was that the Kearny Family members seemed to be missing more and more as time progresses. What does this mean? Feel free to find out if you dare to brave The Fleshyard. As the final chapter of the story line, you pretty much have to experience the haunt live. Also, they let in small groups that are spaced out, so that allows you to really get a good look at the props, experience the story line, and have interaction with the characters.

The Fleshyard 2019 Halloween Review: Photo Gallery
The Fleshyard Halloween 2019 Ratings
  • 100%
    Pre-Scare/Entrance - 100%
  • 100%
    Maze - 100%

Bottom Line

Definitely a good independent haunt to add to your O.C. travels or to pair up with something else in the area.  For us, we did a triple-haunt night starting with The 3rd Eye, then The Fleshyard, then Knott’s Scary Farm. Virtually nobody really does mazes that tie into previous storylines anymore and nowadays, it’s all about the story.  If movies have sequels, why can’t mazes?

The Fleshyard continues on Octobert 25, 16, 27, 31, Nov 1 and 2. 7-11pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 7-10PM Sundays.  $15 to $20 per person. It’s located at 5702 E. La Palma. Anaheim, CA 92807/ Visit their site for more info: https://www.thefleshyard.com/


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