The Haunt with No Name Yet 2011

Location: 19351 Hatteras Street, Tarzana, CA
Link out: Click here
Description: In operation since the 1990s, this impressively atmospheric amateur yard haunt celebrates its 20th year in Los Angeles. The official dates are October 29-31, 7-10pm, but there is a possibility that it will open for a preview night on October 28, giving you a chance to get a jump on the competition. (We all know there are way too many yard haunts to see them all on Halloween Night, so take advantage of this opportunity if it presents itself.)
Halloween night, dust to 11:00pm

As always, the haunt is free to any and all trick-or-treaters. Located in a quiet, dark residential area, The Haunt with No Name Yet offers low-key creepiness that should delight adults without terrifying their children too much. Its mostly Gothic decor - tombstones, ghosts, and Jack O'Lanterns arranged in static tableau, and other wonderful sights, with nothing jumping out at you.

haunt with no name yet 1 haunt with no name yet 2 haunt with no name yet 3 Ghost in tombstone at haunt with no name yet