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Review: The Haunted Hotel Disturbance 2021

The Haunted Hotel’s Disturbance is manifesting once again on the grounds of the Mission Valley mall in San Diego. Once a single walk-through, it has been a three-maze multi-haunt since moving to its current location. Though we miss the days when The Haunted Hotel was a subterranean tour inside a real building, sometimes change can be beneficial. The open-air floor plan affords The Haunted Hotel an opportunity to incorporate more activities to complement the haunts: there are axe-throwing games, a themed bar, live entertainment, and music. In addition, Disturbance 2021 offers roaming characters, turning the entire area of the multi-haunt attraction into a scare zone where you never know who will pop-up beside you.  

The Haunted Hotel Disturbance 2021 Review: Mazes

In 3-D Freak-Fest, we got to experience the maze with 3D visuals and blacklight effects. We were given a pair of 3D glasses on the way in, but the maze can be enjoyed without the glasses. The real question is, will the 3D glasses help you navigate your way through these visuals so you can escape these killer sideshow clowns and freak show monsters? Let’s see how you do when you have to “find” your way out.

Kill-billy Chaos puts you face to face with a Hillbilly family turned killers. They are crazy, they are inbred, they are sheltered and they are hungry, so they have descended from the hills to search for food. Don’t be surprised if they look at every walking thing that is not kin as if it’s the best gourmet meal they are about to taste.  P.S., do not stay for dinner!

The Haunted Hotel is better and….bigger? The maze boasted a large and elevated exterior that looked like the front of a hotel. This new addition makes the maze standout from the others: “The Haunted Hotel” is the album name, the title track, and the name of the single. Having started it all, it should receive the most attention from its creators. As for the walk-through itself? It was great, to once again feel trapped within the confines of a haunted hotel and to see its lesser-used, behind the scenes areas. The impressive facelift definitely encouraged that feeling.

The Haunted Hotel Disturbance 2021 Review: Conclusion

Moving from the basement in a building to an open-air parking lot has become a blessing. Instead of a long single-haunt attraction with the storylines blurring and confusing guests, Disturbance allows each maze to independently thrive, especially The Haunted Hotel maze itself. This is definitely a must-add if you are doing a San Diego Haunts Odyssey. Oh, and there is a vortex tunnel, independent from all mazes!

The Haunted Hotel Disturbance 2021 Ratings
  • 85%
    3-D Freak-fest - 85%
  • 90%
    Kill-billy Chaos - 90%
  • 100%
    The Haunted Hotel - 100%

Bottom Line

The mall parking lot offers plenty of space for a larger waiting and queue area compared to their original location. This gives The Haunted Hotel more of a “destination” feel because there is simply more space to hang out, and there is more to do. Parking is also easy, plentiful and FREE (three of our favorite things when it comes to parking).

The Haunted Hotel Disturbance continues until October 31 and is dark on October 11-12, 18 & 25. The address is 1288 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA. Tickets start at 24.99 and there are timed ticket and VIP ticket options. For more info, visit: hauntedhotel.com.


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