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The Haunted Hotel Disturbance 2022: Photos + Review


The Haunted Hotel: Disturbance returned to the same new location which is at the Mission Valley mall next to Target.  In case you didn’t know; they used to be housed in the basement of a commercial building in the Gaslamp District; they are now located in a parking lot.  We noticed people who seemed confused when they arrived on site when we visited.  So to clear that up, this is now a multi-haunt attraction with lots of free parking versus a single-haunt in downtown San Diego with impossible-to-find paid parking.

The Haunted Hotel: Disturbance 2022 Review: Mazes

3-D Freak-Fest has always been a fun one.  Demented and killer clowns exist here to strictly hassle you.  The 3-D glasses were given to us before the entrance but they are not needed.  The maze runs beautifully without them.  If you can get past the annoying clowns, you find yourself in another “find your way out” maze with clowns that are not really helpful.  Unlike other blackout mazes where you have to find your way out; this one is at least decorated with lots of fluorescent art on the walls with killer clowns that do a poor job at helping you find your way.  

Do you have an itch to drive to Universal Halloween Horror Nights to see your favorite horror icons?  Well, if San Diego is closer to you, then Stars of the Silver SCREAM may just be enough to scratch that itch for you.  This maze has your favorite horror icons that look amazingly convincing enough where you feel they could be Universal HHN quality.  You won’t get 20 Michael Myers here that pop out with sound and strobe; but you will get one of each that you will have to try to escape from.  

The Haunted Hotel is the one to save for last.  With the same set-up and format as previous years; we entered into a hellavator to escape whatever infection that looms over the hotel but it’s already too late.  We experienced themed  rooms, staff and people that you would find at a hotel.  With at least one scare actor in each room; we had to do our best to escape or end up infected and having to make this death-filled building our permanent home.  Our only complaint is the open air design of it.  With certain rooms/sets such as the elevator; it was hard to imagine taking the elevator down when the sky above was not moving.  However, if you could keep your eyes peeled ahead of you and continue to be distracted by the infected that’s out to get you then you should have no problem imagining yourself inside a haunted hotel.  If you are able to escape being infected, just be sure to look back so you don’t bring anyone along with you when you leave.  

The Haunted Hotel: Disturbance 2022 Review: Conclusion

Though they have not been inside an actual building for a few years now; people seemed to be getting used to the idea of this haunt being a multi-attraction on a parking lot.  With just a small quantity of shared props and sets from their affiliated haunts, The Haunted Hotel: Disturbance still gave their fans what they wanted.  This was still The Haunted Hotel but split into three mazes for a more sensible storyline in each.  The original The Haunted Hotel was essentially one long maze, like Reign of Terror in Thousand Oaks.  Sounds cool on paper, but what happens when you need a bathroom break?  Overtime, we have learned to appreciate the multi-haunt experience versus one-single haunt because this makes it more of a destination now especially with a bar and some higher tech carnival games.  The one downside about this year’s haunt is that they used the conga-line format just like The Scream Zone did.  Guests are forced to do 3-D Freak-Fest first before Stars of the Silver SCREAM.  However, unlike at The Scream Zone where you cannot opt to start with The Haunted Hayride; you can opt to start with The Haunted Hotel first here if you wish.


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The Haunted Hotel: Disturbance is a good destination haunt since it provides other things to do and it is conveniently located at the Westfield Mission Valley plaza.  You can hang out at the mall then just hop on over when it’s time to be frightened.  Buyer beware: once you step onto the haunt’s premises, you’re already in the scare zone!

The Haunted Hotel continues until October 31 with timed entry and VIP ticket options.  Parking is free and the lot is shared with Westfield’s Mission Valley mall.  For more information, visit: https://hauntedhotel.com/


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