The House at Haunted Hill 2012

Location: 4400 Saltillo Street, Woodland Hills, CA

Link out: Click here

Description: One of the best Halloween yard haunts in Los Angeles returns for another season of spookery. The House at Haunted Hill features elaborate mechanical and lighting effects synchronized to recorded music and narration, telling the tragic tale of a Hollywood starlet who had the misfortune to marry a man whose late wife apparently never read the part of the wedding vow that stats "till death do us part."

The proprietors are planning to install a major addition this year; let's hope they can pull it off.

House at Haunted Hill skeleton with candlesDates & Hours:

  • Friday-Saturday, October 26-27, 7pm to midnight
  • Sunday-Wednesday, October 28-31, 7pm-10pm

Admission and parking are free, but the street is usually blocked off to cars for the safety of foot traffic, so be prepared to walk up that haunted hill!

Check out our 2007 video for a look at what House on Haunted Hill has to offer.

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