The Lodger (1927) at Silent Movie Theatre

 Hitchcock's third film, which made his reputation as English cinema's "Boy Wonder," is the Master's first tango with the legend of Jack the Ripper. A retired couple having trouble making ends meet rent their upstairs room to a creepy toff (matinee idol Ivor Novello) who keeps to himself but likes to go out at night. Meanwhile the London police are looking for The Avenger, a strangler of blonde showgirls, and the couple's daughter Daisy is just the murderer's type. The dazzling sequences that introduced German Expressionism into mainstream English cinema are justly famous, but Hitchcock (who has two cameos) adds touches of sly humor such as the cuckoo clock that greets the campy Novello when he emerges from the fog to inquire about the room. Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 1927, 16mm, 83 min. Part of the CineFamily's series "Hitchcock Silents.

Location: SILENT MOVIE THEATRE - 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 655-2510
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September 23 at 8:00pm