The Midnight Mafia: The Brain That Wouldn't Die

Location: The Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles 90036
Link out: Click here
Description: The Cinefamily's recurring Midnight Mafia series presents this legendary piece of drek thusly:

“Alive — without a body — fed by an unspeakable horror from hell!”

It’s been twenty years since this campfest made its legendary appearance on MST3K — now it’s time to experience this freaky-deaky slab of Atomic Age weirdness in 35mm for the first time! Featuring Virginia Leith looking very Joan Crawford-esque as the iconic “Jan In The Pan” (the disembodied head containing the titular Brain), The Brain That Wouldn’t Die is a gas, with its perfectly ridiculous arrogant scientist/decapitated fiancée/medical experiment troika in full bloom. Scuzzy strip clubs, telepathic powers, snaggle-toothed mutants caged in the basement, a growing resentment of asshole husbands — what else could they possibly have crammed into this, c’mon now! Fun with a capital FUN. Dir. Joseph Green, 1962, 35mm, 81 min. - See more at:

The Brain That Wouldn't Die is in public domain, so it's easy enough to see it for free online, but catching with an audience at a midnight screening is sure to be a memorable experience (as it was for me when, decades ago, I caught the film at a bad movie festival).

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Start Time: 23:59
Date: 2013-06-19