The Neverending Story at Fairfax Cinemas

Director Wolfgang Petersen's misfired adaptation of the self-reflexive fantasy novel screens as part of the Insomniac Cinema series. It's got lots of great production design and colorful character makeups, but the story is pretty lifeless.

From the theatre website:

Pursued by bullies, dreamy Bastian, 10, flees into a used book store where a strange leather-bound volume attracts him. The owner warns him away from it, explaining that it is dangerous: once entering its world, the reader cannot escape. Bastian borrows the now irresistable book and hides in the school attic. He reads of a beautiful, doomed land named Fantasia, and a brave boy desperately anointed by the princess to stop its mysterious ongoing destruction. Drawn into young Atreyu's quest as with no other book, Bastian discovers astonished that the Fantasians hear Bastian scream and see Bastian in mirrors. Where is Fantasia, and where is he? Can Atreyu save Fantasia, or is the princess really summoning Bastian himself?

Location: Fairfax Cinemas - 7907 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (323) 655-4010
Link out: Click here
Date: September 25 at midnight

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