The Night Owl: Dark Dreams

niteowl_newsiteDate: October 19 at 8pm

Location: The Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N. Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036

Link out: Click here

Description: The Cinefamily presents this special event for members and their friends only: a potluck dinner followed by lots of spooky film clips.

Read details from the website description:

This October, the Owl turns its eye to “Dark Dreams”, all things spooky and strange from the behind the wall of sleep. After dinner, we’ll tune into our primetime program, which includes vampire tales and visions of hell from experimental Japanese cinema, scarifying childrens’ PSAs, eerie animation, lessons in how-to-be terrified from Coffin Joe (Brazil’s legendary master of fright), TV commercials for New Jersey haunted houses, shot-on-Super 8mm teenage horrorshows, Vincent Price reciting Poe prose, nightmare-inducing New Wave music videos, fan-made no-budget Stephen King adaptations and excerpts from Vampir Cuadecuc, a remarkable avant-garde “making of” documentary of Jess Franco’s “Count Dracula”!