2012 Halloween Screenings: The Phantom of the Opera (1925) with live organ accompaniment

The Phantom of the Opera (1925) Lon Chaney in his lairLocation: The Old Town Music Hall, 140 Richmond Street El Segundo, CA 90245

Description: Just in time for Halloween, the Old Town Music Hall presents a three-day run of this black-and-white 1925 silent classic horror film starring Lon Chaney as Erik, the deformed "phantom" haunting the catacombs beneath the Paris opera house. Director Rupert Julian's cinematic technique is more than a little creaky by modern standards, but Chaney's magnificent performance (in astounding skull-like makeup that he created himself) saves the day. The unmasking scene - when the innocent Christine sees the Phantom's face - is justifiably famous - a classic horror moment that lives in history.

The Old Town Music Hall has an excellent house organ, which will provide the live musical accompaniment for the screening - much like when THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA originally screened in 1925. Like all such instruments, it is more or less a part of the building's architecture, providing not only traditional organ sounds but also an incredible array of "bells and whistles" justifying the nickname "orchestra in a box."

Dates: October 26-28

Showtimes: Friday at 8:15pm, Saturday at 2:30pm & 8:15pm, Sunday at 8:15pm

Link out: Click here