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The Purge: Haunted House or Immersive Experience?

File this under random thoughts: Am I the only one to notice Blumhouse Productions’ schizophrenic attitude toward The Purge: Fear the Night? Their recent Facebook posts tend to refer to the event as:

The Purge: Haunted House

However, when you click through the link to reach the event’s website, the description is:

A Brand New, Immersive Theatrical Horror Experience
Limited Run Open Now

The former description implies a more traditional Halloween Haunt; the latter is a more accurate description of the actual event.

As we noted in “The Purge: Fear the Night 2013 Review,” this is one of the best attractions we attended this October, but it has nothing to do with the Halloween season. We cannot help wondering whether there is a last-minute push to sell the The Purge: Fear the Night as a more typical haunted house experience, such as last year’s wonderful Blumhouse of Horrors.