The Time Machine at the Alex Theatre

George Pal's 1960 film version of the H. G. Wells novel (starring Rod Taylor as the time traveller and Yvette Mimeux as an attractive eloi from the future) screens twice on Saturday. Pal had previously produced a spectalar version of WAR OF THE WORLDS, directed by Byron Haskin. Stepping into the director's chair himself, he delivered results that were not quite so spectacular but still quite impressive. Some of the cynical air of the Wells story has been muted, and contemporary concerns have been added to the script (the social division between the Eloi - who live above ground - and the Moorlocks - who live below - is no longer the result of evolution but of nuclear war). The low-point is the transformation of the Eloi into what can only be described as slacker surfer bums - a middle-aged Hollywood man's idea of what youth culture was all about - lazy and apathetic. H. G. Wells may have seen the future, but George Pal failed to see the youth culture revolution only a few years away!

Location: Alex Theatre - 216 N. Brand Blvd in Glendale
Link out: Click here
Start Time: 14:00
Date: Saturday, April 25 at 2pm and 8pm

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