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The Undead Metaphor: with David J. Skal & Del Howison after Courting Vampires

Thursday, May 21 offers two in-person events of a decidedly different character: one a discussion inspired by a play about vampires; the other a reunion of filmmakers who created The Little Mermaid.

First up is Illuminations, a discussion panel following a performance of COURTING VAMPIRES. Hollywood Gothique’s Steve Biodrowski (which is to say, yours truly) will be moderating the panel after the 8:00pm performance of the play. On the panel will be author Davd J. Skal (V is for Vampire) and Del Howison (owner of Burbank’s gothic-themed book store, Dark Delicacies). The subject for the evening will be “The Undead Metaphor,” which will explore the way that vampires in film and literature have evolved from their ancient roots into more modern versions in the 20th- and 21st-centuries.. While some fundamental characteristics remain constant (or should that be “eternal”?), we will track how the evolution of vampires has paralleled the evolution of popular culture?”

This should be an interesting panel. I interviewed Skal on more or less the same subject fifteen years ago for “Beyond Dracula,” an issue of Imag-Movies (from the publisher of Cinefantasitque), which tied in with theatrical release of Neil Jordan’s film version of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE by looking at how the popular image of vampires had changed since Bram Stoker’s Dracula nearly a hundred years before.

Unfortunately, tickets for the play are a little pricey. But if you’re interested in the play or the panel, it would be great to see you on Thursday night. Hurry some performances have already sold out.

The panel falls under the umbrella title of Illuminations (“a dialogue using the theatrical performance as a catalyst for discussion”), which is one of several post-performance events, which also include a chance to meet the cast and crew, social gatherings, and a subsequent Illuminations panel on May 31 (when the topic will be “Truth on Trial”).

You can learn more about the play, the theatre, and the special events here. Courting Vampires is a world premiere, which has been getting good reviews since it opened earlier this month.

Location: Boston Court Theatre – 70 North Mentor Avenue, Pasadena, CA
Phone: 626-683-6883
Theatre Website: Click here
Ticket Prices: $32 regular admission, $27 for students and seniors.
Date: Thursday, May 21 after the 8:00pm performance
Box Office Hours: noon to 6:00pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Moving on to the second event…

Event: Little Mermaid Reunion
ASIFA-Hollywood (the International Animated Film Society) presents this special event celebrating one of Disney’s greatest films, the 1989 musical THE LITTLE MERMAID. Guests include the film’s writers and directors John Musker & Ron Clements, animators Andreas Deja (King Triton), Mark Henn (Ariel), Duncan Marjoribanks (Sebastian), Reuben Aquino (Ursula) and Tina Price (CAPS system and early CGI). The panel will be moderated by animator Tom Sito. Read more here
Location: Fletcher Jones Foundation Auditorium – Woodbury University – 7500 Glenoaks Bl, Burbank, California
Official Website: Click here
Date: May 21 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm