Theatre 68 Haunted House: Video Flashback

The annual Theatre 68 Haunted House in Hollywood returns on Friday night, offering ten nights of Halloween horror during the final days of October. 2010 represents the 68 Cent Crew's fifth year of haunting, and if the evidence of past years is any indication, unwary visitors are in for some serious scares as they enter the theatre at 5419 Sunset Boulevard. What sets Theatre 68's haunted house apart is that the cast direct the scares at you on a personal level, allowing only one or two people through at a time. Although there are plenty of shocks and scares of a traditional variety, there is an additional sense of intimate interaction, as each vignette plays out for your personal...benefit, shall we say?

This video, from 2009, should give some idea of the haunt's effectiveness. But don't expect the same scares this year: Theatre 68 likes to mix things up from one Halloween to the next.

Theatre 68's 5th Annual Haunted House runs October 22 through 31. Check their website for details.