The Aero Theatre

1328 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(323) 634-4878
Aero Website:
click here

AERO THEATRE TICKET PRICES: $11 general admission, $9 seniors (65+) and students, $7 members.

AERO THEATRE FEATURES: The American Cinematheque’s home away from home is located in a comfortable neighborhood theatre in a cozy little area of Santa Monica distinguished by its trendy little mom-and-pop shops and restaurants. The old-fashioned theatre is not as beautiful as the Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, but it has a charm all its own.

AERO THEATRE DRAWBACK: There is no theatre parking lot, but it is usually not too hard to find parking on the street. Besides, this is the kind of area where you enjoy walking and window-shopping on the way to the movie.

AERO THEATRE PROGRAMS & SCREENINGS: The American Cinematheque runs an annual Festival of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror films every summer. There is also an annual festival of Japanese fantasy films (featuring Godzilla and/or ghosts and aliens). There is usually a series of horror films, including an all-night marathon, around Halloween. These series usually run simultaneously in the Cinematheque's two theatres (the other is the Egyptian in Hollywood), alternating and mixing up the screenings from one venue to the other, with a handful of films playing exclusively at only one or the other venue.

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Or check out the American Cinematheque's Egyptian Theatre.

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