ArcLight Hollywood

cinerama-domeFeaturing the Cinerama Dome
6360 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood CA
Guest Services
: 323-464-1478, then press "6".
Facebook: click here

Also check out the Arclight Cinemas in Sherman Oaks

TICKETS: $14 Friday & Saturday evenings, $11 other times

DISCOUNTS: members who register at the website earn points for purchases which they can apply to get a free ticket on “Member Movies” (usually titles that have been screening for more than two weeks); free 4-hour parking with validation.

FEATURES: large multiplex with advanced, reserved seating (members can order ahead of time online); excellent projection and sound; no pre-movie commercials; a store with books, posters, photographs and other souvenirs; a small café-restaurant (serves Brunch on Sunday); the only theatre in Los Angeles, licensed to serve alcohol, which they do at their 21-and-over screenings.

HIGHLIGHT: the large curved screen in the Cinerama Dome, absolutely the best way to see fantasy films, mystery movies, horror-thrillers, and science fiction cinema in Los Angeles - you really feel you're in deep space, Middle Earth, or the bowells of Hell. Though not as large, the other screens are good too.

DRAWBACKS: expensive prices, but the luxury of the movie-going experience is worth it.

SPECIAL SCREENINGS: frequently programs midnight screenings; exclusive 21+ screenings (usually Friday through Monday of a film’s opening weekend), restrict admission to people over twenty-one, and serve alcohol (including wine and martinis).

SPECIAL SERIES: Master Storytellers features Q&A sessions with filmmakers. Also presents regular series like AFI’s 100 Years/100 Movies (classic films form the American Film Institute’s Top 100 list) and an annual Music Documentary series.

FANTASY FILMS, MYSTERY MOVIES, HORROR-THRILLERS & SCI-FI CINEMA:  Amont the classic films screened are a fair number of genre titles, especially around the Halloween season. Also, the AFI series occasionally focus on our favorite genres.