This Week's Pic: Cronenberg's eXistenZ

I don't have any strong recommendations for fantasy films, mystery movies, and sci-fi cinema events in Los Angeles this week, but there is a nice opportunity to revisit eXistenZ, David Cronenberg's off-beat entry into the virtual reality sweepstakes, on the big screen, courtesy of the New Beverly Cinema. Unfortunately, THE MATRIX, pretty much wiped Cronenberg's little entry off the screen when both were released in 1999, and it seems unfair. Although eXistenZ is far from Cronenberg's best work, it deals with themes that appeal to his fans, and Cronenberg takes a more cerebral appraoch to the subject matter than the the Wachowsky Brothers did in their (admittedly) more entertaining) extravaganza.

Location: 7165 Beverly Blvd - Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: (323) 938-4038
Description:A double bill of eXistenz and The Naked Lunch
Dates: November 21-22