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This Week’s Pics: Sunset Boulevard and Mulholland Dr. at Silent Movie Theatre

This week’s best best is a pair of moody, macabre masterpieces about the darker side of life in Hollywood, one from Billy Wilder, one from David Lynch. I seem to be almost alone in noticing that SUNSET BOULEVARD is essentially a horror film, with Gloria Swanson cast as a figurative vampire, sucking the youth out of the hapless screenwriter (William Holden) who falls into her clutches. MULHOLLAND DRIVE is a dreamy piece of surreal fantasy, challenging but rewarding for fans of Lynch’s peculiar vision.

Location: Silent Movie Theatre – 611 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, 90036 323-655-2510
Link out: Click here
Start Time: 19:15
Date: 2009-03-27