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Trailer: 40th anniversary screenings of The Thing

Update 6/22: A controversy emerged when fans were outraged that the initial screenings of The Thing were presented in the 1.85 aspect ration instead of the full widescreen aspect ratio of 2.35 (Carpenter’s preferred aspect ratio, which he was an expert at filling with visual information). Fathom Events promised that subsequent screenings would be presented in 2.35.

In honor of its 40th anniversary, John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) will return to theatres nationwide on two days in June, courtesy of Fathom events. In the Los Angeles area, the film will be screened at the AMC Citywalk 18 in Universal City, the AMC Burbank 16 in Burbank, and the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills.  Showtimes will be at 3pm and 7pm on on Sunday, June 19 and at 7pm on Wednesday, June 22. Get tickets here.

A remake of the 1951 Howard Hawks production, The Thing from Another World (itself based on John W. Campbell Jr.’s novella “Who Goes There?”), The Thing was not a hit during its initial release, but it has developed a cult reputation over the decades, thanks to the sense of paranoia it generates in its tale of an isolated research team under attack by an alien menace that can assume the form of its victims.

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