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Trailer: Rifftrax Holiday Double Bill in December

On December 1 at 7pm, Fathom Events will re-broadcast two RiffTrax holiday classics, Santa Conquers the Martians and Christmas Shorts-Stravaganza, the latter featuring a guest appearance by “Weird Al” Yankovic. The one-night only event will screen in theatres nationwide, including Los Angeles-area engagements at Universal Citywalk 19, the Burbank 16, the Alhambra Renaissance, and LA Live 14, among others. Running time is approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Get more details from the description at the Fathom Events website:

Enjoy TWO features for the price of one, as Mike, Kevin and Bill take on Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, a classic from the days of Mystery Science Theater 3000, completely re-worked by RiffTrax for the 2013 broadcast. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians tells the story of an evil Martian who comes to earth to capture Santa Claus and take him back to Mars (based on a true story). Will Santa escape? Or will he sell out earth and all its inhabitants to become the Santa of, frankly, one of our solar system’s most disappointing planets?!

And for the second feature, the guys are joined by comedy legend “Weird Al” Yankovic for a night of Christmas shorts, originally broadcast in 2009. From the bizarre to sublime; stories of talking Christmas trees and dolls who wake up in the middle of the night to play piano for a delighted young girl, Christmas Shorts-stravaganza has something for everyone! And if you’re still in a summer mood, you’ll love the special bonus short Parade of Aquatic Champions, perhaps the most popular and requested RiffTrax short ever!

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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