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Mark you calendars for upcoming Creature Features exhibitions

Creature Features has two exciting exhibitions scheduled for next year: The Night Gallery 50th Anniversary Art Exhibit and Unseen Dreams: An Art Exhibit From Films That Never Were. The first will launch with a VIP reception in January at the Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery. Unseen Dreams is scheduled to begin in April; no location has been established yet.

The Night Gallery exhibition is a follow-up to Creature Features’ previous show in March. The new exhibition promises more original paintings inspired by the 1970s monster show hosted by Rod Serling, including one by Tom Wright, created exclusively for this event. Produced with the cooperation of NBC/Universal, the Night Gallery 50th Anniversary Art Exhibit will feature a complete visual history of the series, including props, promotional memorabilia, behind-the-scenes photographs from the show’s production, and more.

The  VIP opening reception will take place on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 5-7:30pm. The evening will include personal appearances by Wright, various cast & crew members from the series, along with Jim Benson & Scott Skelton, authors of Rod Serling’s NIGHT GALLERY: An After Hours Tour. Both will be on hand to sign copies of their book (quantities are limited).

Attendees will receive a commemorative 50th anniversary program book, a NIGHT GALLERY print created for the exhibit by Tom Wright (available only to reception attendees), an opportunity to meet artist Tom Wright, authors Jim Benson & Scott Skelton and various participants from the series. Tickets are $75.

Unseen Dreams: An Art Exhibit From Films That Never Were will feature pre-production artwork from unproduced films. Creature Features promises a treasure trove of art and sculptures from a multitude of unmade films. The eight-week retrospective will showcase Willis O’Brien’s WAR EAGLES, Tim Burton’s SUPERMAN LIVES, Steven Spielberg’s NIGHT SKIES, Steve Miner’s GODZILLA 3-D, Irvin Kershner’s remake of FORBIDDEN PLANET, Stuart Gordon’s SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH, John Carpenter’s remake of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, David Allen’s THE PRIMEVALS, and Industrial Light & Magic’s FRANKENSTEIN AND THE WOLFMAN, among others.

Artists whose work will be represented include Ralph McQuarrie, Bernie Wrightson, Ron Cobb, Jim Danforth, Duncan Gleason, Dave Stevens, William Stout, Doug Wildey, Miles Teves, and more.

Opening Saturday, April 20, Unseen Dreams: An Art Exhibit From Films That Never Were will also feature weekly panel discussions and visual presentations by the writers, directors, visual FX and make-up artists behind many of these unearthed treasures.

Get more information on these events at the Creature Features Facebook page.

Pictured at Top: Pre-production artwork from the War Eagles, an unfilmed project planned by Willis O’Brien, creator of special effects for King Kong (1933).

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