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Urban Death: Tour of Terror 2017 Review

Seeking a guide through the infernal landscape of Urban Death: Tour of Terror Haunted Theatre 2017? Come along with us – if you dare!

A pinpoint of light leads me through the void. Faint, hopeless.

Strange sounds slither through darkness, assaulting my ears – whispering, beguiling.

Unseen things wish me to view their hidden horrors, but is it better to only imagine them – or worse?

The light falls dimly, revealing glimpses of bizarre sights I cannot comprehend.

Onward I move, desperate to escape – emerging into a tenebrous cavern, where other lost souls gather to wait for even greater horrors.

A violin screeches an atonal tune, the player dazed and demented – one of the damned.

The weak glow of illumination suddenly extinguishes itself, plunging us into blackness.

Soundscapes of pandemonium erupt while phosphorescent figures perform a dreadful Danse Macabre.

Light flares in the darkness, revealing a man about to be slaughtered by a humanoid pig – then darkness again.

What have I seen? What does it mean?

No time to think. Another flash of light: the violin bow becomes a knife; flesh replaces strings; steel slices arm.

Again and again, innumerable times, the blackness is severed by a blade of light, revealing myriad images of madness and death, like a living slideshow, one after another – without reason or explanation, only the shock of revelation, followed by baffled confusion and questions that remain unanswered and unasked, because they are interrupted by each new assault upon my vision – no pause for contemplation of comprehension.

Will it stop? Ever?

Eventually, it does.

But surcease offers no respite – only a return trip through the labyrinth that brought me to this den of dementia.

I must go back. I must escape – at least try.

Again, the dim circle of light leads me through the void. But now I know it is useless to avert my eyes from the aberrations and grotesqueries demanding my attention.

Faintly my flashlight falls on each and every monstrosity, spotlighting all of them for brief moments of time that seem to last beyond eternity.

Finally….finally…I emerge.

Into the night air.

I have survived.

But I will never be the same.

Urban Death Tour of Terror 2017 Rating

Hollywood Gothique Says:

Halloween 2017’s Urban Death: Tour of Terror is even more a living slideshow of dark and disturbing things: nightmarish tableau that flash before one’s eyes, leaving troubling impressions on the retina long after the images have faded. A few familiar visions appear, but most are new. If we have any objection, it is to the recurring motif of violence against women, which is a little bit overworked here, and could use some balance.

Urban Death: Tour of Terror Haunted Theatre continues on Fridays and Saturdays in October, plus October 30 and Halloween Night. The address is: ZHU Theatre, 4850 Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood. Get more information on our page for the Urban Death: Tour of Terror or check out our Urban Death Archive. Call (818) 202-4120 for reservations, or visit the official website: www.urbandeath.com.

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