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Vampires Seating Arrangements

We just got back from an afternoon performance by The Vampire Circus at the Montalbán in Hollywood. No time to go into details now, but let’s just say that if you enjoyed Paranormal Cirque last year, this show is similar enough to satisfy but different enough not to avoid being a carbon copy.

Our only caveat is that there were seating problems, apparently due to ticket-seller FeverUp abruptly switching from unreserved seating to reserved seating. Consequently, many ticket holders were showing up with general admission tickets and grabbing seats, which turned out to belong to other ticket holders with reserved-seating tickets.

The staff at the Montalbán worked diligently to sort out the mess foisted upon them; fortunately, the delays and confusion did nothing to dampen the audience’s enjoyment of the show itself, which was fabulous. Later dates should be entirely reserved seating, but if you are going this weekend, be prepared…

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

A graduate of USC film school, Steve Biodrowski has worked as a film critic, journalist, and editor at Movieline, Premiere, Le Cinephage, The Dark Side., Cinefantastique magazine, Fandom.com, and Cinescape Online. He is currently Managing Editor of Cinefantastique Online and owner-operator of Hollywood Gothique.