Vampyres at Midnight

The 1974 cult film screens as part of the Silent Movie Theatre's on-going Lesbian Vampires series, screening every Friday night at midnight during the month of February. The theatre's website calls the film the "most savage girl-on-girl vampire movie ever." Catch it this Friday, Februrary 13, to see if it lives up to its reputation. Read the rest of the website's description of the film below:

Vampyres usually gets tagged as British horror even though it was directed by José Larraz, the mad Spaniard who stunned '70s audiences with potent visions of carnal violence like The Coming Of Sin and Black Candles. Two incredibly sexy women living in a remote English estate (later used in The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Frank-N-Furter’s castle) drain their victims’ blood after bouts of wild sex and leave the bodies in staged car accidents, but when one insatiable man comes their way along with a nearby couple camping out in an RV, the stakes get considerably higher. Packed with a ridiculous amount of nudity and blood as well as a strong poetic streak and a purposefully baffling framing story, this sinfully entertaining cult classic drips with dank, dingy English atmosphere and just keeps getting better with age. 87 min.