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Video: Evils of the London Fog at Rotten Apple 907

After scaling back to a  lights-and-music show during last year’s pandemic, Rotten Apple 907 is resurrecting its walkthrough for 2021, and the result may be the Halloween home haunt’s best effort yet. Titled “Evil in the London Fog,” this year’s theme encompasses a variety of Victorian horror, including everything from Jack the Ripper to Sweeney Todd, along with the London plague and a snake in a cemetery for some reason.

As usual, the scenery and costumes are excellent – worthy of a professional haunted house. As usual, the cast delivers a mixture of menace and mirth, cackling with glee at the outrageous horrors they are inflicting on their victims – er, guests. The balance seems to be leaning toward horror this year, though that may be just the power of first impressions, as the first half of the maze focuses on the Ripper and the Plague. Only when Mrs. Lovett shows up, preparing her infamous meat pies, does the tongue settle firmly in cheek.

Last night’s opening, we are told, was not the finished product. More will be added for subsequent shows, so the balance of laughs and screams may shift. In any case, the opening night version betrayed few if any signs of being less than ready for prime time. If the Rotten Apple crew can make it even better, more power to them.

Rotten Apple Halloween 2021 Review
Sherlock Holmes and a London bobby search for clues outside Rotten Apple’s Victorian facade.
Rotten Apple 907 Rating

Bottom Line

With The Backwoods Maze in limbo, Rotten Apple 907 reigns supreme as the best home haunt in Burbank. It is one of the best amateur walk-through mazes in existence – a must-see every Halloween – and “Evil in the London Fog” ranks with their best work. Our rating is based on the opening night presentation, which was not fully complete, so the version you see may be even better.

“Evil in the London Fog” continues at Rotten Apple on October 23-24, 29-31, from 7pm to 10pm nightly. Admission is free, but donations are accepted to benefit a pet adoption agency. The address is 907 N. California Street in Burbank. Get more information at rottenapple907.com.

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