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Video & Review: Wendigo at Murder House

Who doesn’t love nature, right? Going on a hike and getting in touch with Mother Earth is one of life’s great joys! Well, unless the trail is haunted by monstrosities from Native American lore, which is exactly what Murder House Productions has in store for you with their Halloween 2019 presentation, Wendigo!

The home haunt’s exterior is fashioned to resemble a small Hollywood sound stage: ironically, stepping inside does not feel like stepping onto a movie set; it feels like stepping into the Great Outdoors – or at least a very sinister version. With the limited space of a garage, Murder House squeezes in a trail, a campground, a cabin, and a silo. All of them are so incredibly detailed and convincing that you will feel transported into the haunted maze’s world, setting the stage for the appearance of the Wendigo.

Wendigo haunted house review
Victims of the Wendigo

Actually, there is more than one creature haunting this trail; there are also shape-shifters and a demon or two. Their presentation is carefully enhanced with sound effects, strobe lighting, and shadows – allowing the imagination to fill in the blanks. This is not to say that the makeup and special effects have deficiencies that need to be hidden; when you do get a clear glimpse of the monsters, they are awesome – particularly the towering Wendigo itself.

With the quality of its characters and settings, the only thing separating the Murder House home haunt from professional haunted house attractions is length. Fortunately, this two-minute trek through Wendigo country feels like much more.

Wendigo continues at Murder House tonight and tomorrow: October 30 and 31, from 7pm to 10pm nightly. The address is  2240 Ranch View Place, Thousand Oaks 91362. Get updates at: facebook.com/MHPHAUNT.

Murder House Halloween 2019: Wendigo Photographs


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