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Video: This is the End at HHN 2015

It would not be Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood without a colorful 3D maze, preferably with a tongue-in-cheek tone. This year’s entry is This Is The End, based on the 2013 film about a Hollywood party that turns into a disaster of Biblical proportions – literally. Like the film, the maze is more funny than scary but without rendering the apocalyptic imagery in overtly comical terms.

So, idea is great and the tone is right; the only problem is that – although there are some good scenes – there is not enough happening inside, perhaps because much of the film content was judged off-limits. Of course, the Halloween Horror Nights version omits the colossal demon with a Kong-sized penis (a human-sized version appears, from waist up), and though some of the movie scenes are faithfully recreated, the “ejaculate” argument between Danny McBride and James Franco is missing (no surprise there, right?). With this and 2014’s From Dusk Till Dawn maze, Universal Studios Hollywood seems to be establishing a pattern of toning down R-rated material of a sexual nature while happily wading knee-deep in gore.

[Note: The Video has been revised since its original posting.]

Steve Biodrowski, Administrator

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