Videodrome posterLocation: The Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA

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Description: The American Cinematheque presents a double bill of surreal science fiction by writer-director David Cronenberg.

1983, Universal, 87 min, Canada, Dir: David Cronenberg
One of director David Cronenberg’s most disturbing, subversive thrillers. While searching for programs to boost ratings on his small cable station, jaded Max Renn (James Woods) becomes hooked on an underground TV show, “Videodrome,” that may be a genuine snuff video. But tracking down its source proves dangerous as lifelike hallucinations kick in - skewing Max’s very concept of reality, and his new girlfriend, talk-show host, Nikki Brand (Blondie's Deborah Harry), goes missing. "Long live the new flesh!"

1999, MGM/Park Circus, 97 min, USA, Dir: David Cronenberg
When leading game designer Allegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is attacked by an assassin while conducting a focus group for her new virtual-reality game eXistenZ, she escapes into the game with marketing trainee Ted Pikul (Jude Law). Cronenberg is at his squirm-inducing, orifice-fetishizing best here, with great supporting turns from Ian Holm, Willem Dafoe and Sarah Polley.

Date: August 25 at 7:30pm